Diabetic Foot Care at NewStep Clinic of Tulsa

Dr. Carl Miller of NewStep Clinic, understands the unique issues facing adults with diabetes. If you have diabetes, you are specifically susceptible to issues of the foot. You do not want to delay seeing a Podiatrist, if you are diabetic, and think you may have an issue with one or both of your feet.

According the American Diabetes Association, 1 in 5 diabetics seek hospital or emergency care because of loss of blood flow or neuropathy (nerve damage) in the feet. Neuropathy symptoms include tingling, pain, and weakness in the foot. In more serious cases, It can also cause loss of feeling in the foot, so you can injure your foot and not know it.

It is estimated that 60-70 percent of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy, making it one of the most common complications of diabetes. People with diabetic peripheral neuropathy must be diligent in taking good care of their feet. The nerves most often affected by peripheral neuropathy are the ones leading to the feet leading to a lack of sensation in the feet.

Someone with diabetic peripheral neuropathy might develop a blister on the bottom of their foot and never know it due to the nerve damage. Left untreated, the blister could get infected and lead to more serious problems. If you, or a loved one, is suffering from diabetic foot issues including diabetic neuropathy, make an appointment with Dr. Carl Miller at NewStep Clinic.


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